Apple photo albums don't match on mac and iphone

what I want is for the favorites albums to match on mac and iphone so I can show off pictures of new family members to total strangers (well, only slightly kidding here).
icloud is on and same apple ID. I really don’t want to have to sync all my photos from mac onto my phone… I just want the dozen or so in favorites.

can I easily do this with photos? Do I need to set up a shared folder and share it with dropbook? Or ???

I think I am confused by possibilities and vocabulary.

Thanks — Judi

Hi Judi,
I don’t think what you ask is exactly possible. The 2 best approximations I could see:

  • sync all pictures through iCloud Photos with « Optimize iPhone Storage » active. All thumbnails will synchronize but the actual pictures won’t, until you open them.
  • if you don’t use iCloud Photos, you could probably synchronize the Favorite album from iTunes on the Mac (if that functionality still exists on the newer versions)