Apple Photos to Google Photos

Greetings — Trying to help a friend and want to be sure I am giving correct information. Her problem: 16 GB iPhone. Running out of storage on phone. 10 GB Photos in iCloud. 2 GB of photos on the phone using optimized storage. Someone suggested uploading photos from phone to Google Photos, then deleting the Apple photos. So, are the photos that are being uploaded from her phone to google photos, the original photos or the optimized versions (smaller, lower resolution, etc)? I think they are the optimized versions. But maybe something automagical happens and they are the full sized versions. Any thoughts? Any help is appreciated.

It depends, googles unlimited free storage is optimised, but you can upload un optimised but it will take up some of the google storage space you need to go to Here to change the upload quality settings

Immediate problem is the 16 GB iPhone. Life will be a constant struggle with this little storage.

However, the long term problem is that photo management is hard. Even larger phones will fill up eventually. The best solution is probably to import all full size photos to a local drive, if she has access to a computer. Then ensure that computer has a proper backup solution.

Otherwise, I would keep using Apple Photos and just paying the monthly as needed to cover the storage needs.

Thanks @Ben_Lincoln and @airwhale . I appreciate your input. — Upgrading to iOS 11 helped her to regain some space. Then she uploaded to google photos and uses that instead of iCloud storage for photos.

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