Apple politely explains why iPhone cases are a waste of money

I don’t buy it, do you?

Yes I do! I need to protect my phone from rough usage and drops. If I had not had a case and tempered glass to protect my screen, I would have needed to get my phone screen and body replaced at least 4 times in 2 years due to crazy drops on concrete and hard surfaces. Every time, the tempered glass and case sacrificed themselves keeping the phone spotless.

I have seen my friends drop their phones from 3-4 feet and it completely shattered the glass back and screen. It wasn’t even a bad drop TBH :smile:

I honestly don’t care much about how fancy it looks. It’s a tool that gets the work done. I don’t want to be focussing on caring/handling it with care when I am using it. I use it rough, like sometimes keeping it on concrete floor when I am doing stuff, and yet, my phone has 0 scratches. I change my case like one a year ($10).


Have you ever seen an Apple executive wrap their iPhone in a case? No, you haven’t.

:rofl: :joy: :rofl:

If I can get an replacement the same ease, and without extra costs, like the Apple executive, I will stop protecting my iPhone, too!


Can I get a refund? :wink:

What I meant by “I don’t buy it” is I don’t buy the “no case argument.” I always have mine in a case. :slightly_smiling_face:


I had so much anxiety watching that ad.

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I’ve never had a case. I couldn’t bare to hide the “pulchritude.”


iPhone 12 I bought a slip and a case, but barely used them. So iPhone 13 I didn’t bother. No case. When I cycle I throw the phone in my back pocket (jersey pocket, not shorts), sometimes with other things, so I started putting it in a sock. Does that count as a case?

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I would name it one…
You can spend a lot of money on “Phone-Socks”…

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If Apple made it cheap to fix or replace a broken phone, they’d probably get a lot more buy-on on the naked-phone effort!

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I carried my original iPhone, without a case, until the 4S went on sale. But as soon as I picked up that phone with it’s glass back I knew I wanted a case. When I saw the ad on TV my first thought was “if it was in a case it wouldn’t have moved”.


Firstly, the ad shows the iPhone dropping on a hardwood floor, not a concrete.
Secondly, the article says that the new ceramic shield will not shatter the glass as easy as before. But, no one talks about dents and scratches on the edge of the stainless steel or the “soft” aluminum sides, which will surely dink when dropped a few times. So, no, I won’t relax!


I only use a bumper case to provide better grip as my aging fingers don’t grip like they used to. I never use screen protectors and have never had an issue as the RhinoShield bumper case keeps the front and back from hitting most surfaces.

My son took his 6s on a carrier deployment for 6 months, no case, and it looked well worn when he got back but nary a scratch on the screen.

+1 with those not using iPhone case. Why hide a beautifully designed device?

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Exactly! I love the idea of going w/o a case. I would do it, but for my concern of scratching the screen. (While I’d like a pristine phone, I’m not as concerned with dents and scratches to the back and sides.) I once dropped my iPhone X or 11 at the gas station. It landed directly on the concrete surrounding the pump and put two lovely gouges on the glass that were a daily reminder to my carelessness.

I like the case to have a little raised edges to keep the glass that much further away from the ground. That said, my phone-at-the-gas-station incident involved a phone with just such a case. Yet, because of the angle it fell, the raised edges were of no help.

That leads me to the conclusion that while a case is not the perfect defense to my constantly fumbling my phone, it’s the best chance I have of keeping my screen clear of scratches.

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I carried my 6s for a year or two with no case and a cheap screen protector. It survived several accidents including a 1 storey drop onto concrete, with no damage :upside_down_face:

Now, with my current SE, I’ve decided to be a little more careful. I have one of these bumper cases:

They don’t hide too much of the device but do seem to provide a good bit of protection.

So, I definitely think you can carry your iPhone without a case, and it will be fine, but: it only takes one time where it’s not fine before you need to get a new one :stuck_out_tongue:

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I use a case that incorporates a small stand and magnetic mount attachment for the car. For me, more functional than protective.

I need a case to use the iPhone flat on the table…

(work around for the ugly/thick camera)

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Three months later:

„Any dents, any scratches?“


Um…they’re unnecessary? Yeah, that explains why Apple sells first-party cases for their iPhone, screen protectors, and OtterBox cases designed to protect them from some pretty extreme damage.

I’ll start considering the idea that cases are unnecessary when Apple stops making and selling them. :slight_smile: