Apple Premier_Sharing issue with Family

I have the Apple Premier membership, sharing iCloud space, apps, iTunes etc with five members of my family. I was visiting four of them recently and discovered we could not access Apple TV+ (wanted to watch the Ryan Reynolds and Will Farrell movie). My son-in-law is quality control person for a big software company (e.g. computer literature) and I’m no slouch but neither of us could figure it out. They don’t have an AppleTV device so we couldn’t stream nor could we Chromecast. Ideas? For $30+ a month, I would like them to have access to everything that we’re supposed to get.

Perhaps very dump questions below. I presume you are referring to the Apple One Family share plan? and all their correct Apple IDs are shared and used for watching the TV+ in the family share plan?

AFAIK , you do not have to use Apple TV device to watch TV+, Google Chromecast, Smart TVs, Roku, etc can also be used.

thanks so much for responding! Not dumb at all and I will ask. In this case, we were using MY Apple ID to sign in (or try to sign in) to AppleTV+

So the problem is that they don’t have an AppleTV compatible device, e.g. an AppleTV hardware box, a TV with AppleTV+ built in.

If my understanding (above) is correct then I don’t think you can stream from an iPhone to a non AppleTV compatible device due to Digital restrictions they would need a device which had AppleTV+ built in

We can see the app on their smart TV and were able to watch Charlie Brown Christmas a couple of days before (open to everyone, I believe).

So they have the AppleTV+ app on their Smart TV and you logged into it?

If so, what happened? What did “Not working” look like?

Great question. . It kept reverting to the sign in menu.

I switched to the Chromecast with Google TV and I have not found a streaming service that isn’t available on it. $50 list, frequently on sale for $30, and best of all no Siri remote.

I agreed, it is a lot cost effective and better performance than Apple TV box. The only reason for me having one is to use it as a HomeKit hub

I find the AppleTV hardware to be a much better experience to use rather than the cluttered interface of the Amazon Fire TV. My family find it easier to use, and I prefer the privacy it provides (at the moment)

I still think it’s too expensive, but both of my most recent boxes were bought nearly new at a significant discount.

I was given a HomePod mini a while back and use it for my thread lights. And I have an old Apple TV HD that I still use to occasionally airplay to my TV. I liked the Apple TV when I first bought it but hated the remote from the start.

I purchased multiple third party remotes and a Roku before buying the Chromecast.

The Siri remote is extremely hard for my husband (has essential tremor) to negotiate. Yesterday, we discovered the Sony Remote (came with the TV) works reasonably well so we are hopeful that will be a solution for him.

the other option is to use the TV remote under control center of the iphone or ipad

This reminds me of an issue I had a long time back with signing in to Apple. Your comment about signing in triggered it. Unfortunately, I only half remember it, and may be irrelevant anyway. My problem was that I couldn’t get past the sign-in. I resolved it by using my iPad not my phone (it was bigger and I could see more of the sign in details), and by altering the speed at which I typed, partly by not having to swap between sign-in and 1Password. I came across the suggestions via a generic search on Google. Your post reminds me that sometimes Apple doesn’t just work.
Best of luck.

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