Apple Presentation Tech

FWIW: Spent a day in Cupertino today - not in the fancy Spaceship, but in a nondescript conference room in one of their campuses.
Always interesting to see how they present in a business meeting setting. I have yet to see a single Apple TV - every room I’ve been in has HDMI cables and these days at least two dongles (Displayport and USB-C) attached to them. New this year: while every Apple presenter stood next to their laptop and could have simply used the cursor keys to advance slides, almost all of them used their iPhones as clickers for their Keynote presentations. Nobody used the Keynote Remote laser pointer or the drawing tools.
It did not feel that different from business meetings with other companies that I attended.


Not that different - a meeting is a meeting is a meeting. Definitely different from a Keynote (pun intended) where you have 500 slides for 15 minutes…
Presentations follow some of the Apple mantra that we all know from the big events. No bullets, not that many words, always images. You have to get a point across, after all.

The difference is that Keynote is gluten free and so relies solely on the number of slides in the deck as the means of causing death :slight_smile:

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