Apple Private Data Traffic in iCoud?

I just have a question regarding the feature Apple Private Data Traffic in iCoud and then also using the app 1Blocker on all my devices. I have access to Apple’s within iCloud as I pay for iCloud+ but I haven’t turned it on as I’m unsure if it will benefit me.

I use 1Blocker on all my devices, but will turning on Apple Private Data Traffic in iCoud give me some extra benefits or will it interfere with 1Blocker in some way?

Do people use Apple Private Data Traffic and is it recommendable?

Do you mean Appel’s Advanced Data Protection? If so, it’s a different hing from 1Blocker. ADP encrypts all your traffic to and from iCloud. 1Blocker blocks a range of sites and services that might be irritating or present a risk. ADP shouldn’t affect 1Blocker at all.

Or do you mean Apple’s iCloud Private Relay? If so, Private Relay hides your IP (network) address from sites you navigate to in Safari. It only works in Safari. It also shouldn’t affect 1Blocker.


I think this is it. See attached.

I have both set on actually. I was just not sure what it actually did. But it sounds like with both things on and 1Blocker up and running, I should be set and it shouldn’t interfere with each other. I don’t know if it’s necessary to have it on, much less on, on all my devices. but why not

But I don’t know if other people use these built-in features from Apple and like them?

Advanced Data Protection affects all your devices - it operates on Apple’s iCloud servers, so it’s effective whenever you use iCloud from your devices.

Private Relay has to be set on each device, so you could choose not to use it everywhere if you prefer. I think it’s a helpful feature to reduce the amount of information you share about websites you visit.

I have both services set on - I prefer the extra security and safety, and I’m happy with them

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What about the other features within iCloud+ like the Hide my email address and Custom email domain.

Do people use these? I have never used either but having an iCloud email as my primary I’m curious about them

I use Hide My Email a lot - it’s very simple & convenient, and allows me to get rid of a mail subscription when it’s outlived its usefuleness. Example: I’ll use it to register on a price comparison site when I’m looking for annual insurance. Once I have the info I need, I can delete it to prevent the constant exhortations to use other services.

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makes sense! good use case, thank you