Apple Reminders client for Mac in Mojave that supports new features of Catalina

I use Apple Reminders as my task manager, ever since iOS 13 came out bringing new capabilities to it.
The thing is, on my Mac I’m still on Mojave and probably won’t update to Catalina ever.
I managed to get by without it until now, but the fact that I don’t have the new Reminders on my Mac is starting to get in the way.

Is there a 3rd-party client for Mac that uses iCloud as a backend and supports the new features of Catalina?

GoodTask for iOS/Mac uses Apple’s Reminders plumbing. I own the iOS version but never adopted it so I didn’t buy the Mac version.

Thanks @bowline, I’m aware of GoodTask. The thing is the app adds lots of functionality on top of the basic Reminders, but not necessarily uses the app standards.
For example: GT subtasks are stored as notes inside a task instead of supporting the now native “indent” to create a subtask.
It would be fine if I used Goodtask on iOS too, but I don’t need the overhead that comes with it. I’m striving for simplicity more and more.
It’s really a shame that Apple ties native apps’ new features to a OS update. In my mind they should be independent of each other. (sorry for the rant, but it’s frustrating).

At times like these you might want to consider a 3rd-party solution, at least for the time being, until your OSes synchronize.

I’m a paying user of Todoist (Mac/iOS/web), but the free tier is useful for lists (but you have to pay $3/month for Premium features like reminders). Another cross-platform option is TickTick, which similarly has a free plan (with premium features like reminders for individual subtasks). I’m on the mailing list for ClickUp, and it’s pretty impressive software even in its free tier, and is adding features on a regular basis - a service to watch.

I used Todoist a long time ago and it’s an option I’m considering again.
I’m not familiar with TickTick or ClickUp, I’ll check it out. Thanks!

Why not run in a fluid app (or just in safari?)

FLuid app example:

I actually really like the icloud web interface :slight_smile:

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That’s a great suggestion!
Does it open directly on Reminders, or I have to login every time and navigate to it?

If you use and set the home page to then it should open directly to it.

That being said, I’ve found that wants me to log in all of the time which might get annoying. But it may be worth checking out.

Forgot to mention that, thanks TJ

Just tested on an High Sierra machine: If you check the “remember me on this machine” box when logging into iCloud and select to trust the machine you should not have to log in every time

Yeah, it logged in automatically after I checked the boxes and I’m directed straight to Reminders with the URL TJ posted.
Awesome, that’s the next best thing, provided I didn’t “upgrade” to Catalina.
Thanks folks!