Apple Reminders: 'List does not support grouping'

My wife just shared a new reminders list with me. I can’t add it to a group/folder. Any ideas?

More details:

On iPadOS, I’ve tried dragging the list into a folder, and it doesn’t work. On Mac I get…
Screen Shot 2022-05-14 at 8.16.19 pm

First, are both of you using the latest version of iOS? If so, since it is a shared reminder I wonder if it might be a permissions issue? Or just a bug?

I’m just guessing but I would check things like: Do you have permission to add other people, I.e. share the reminder? Does she have the reminder in a list?

I googled your error message and the only reference to this problem is this thread. Good luck.

I’ve just had a look from the ‘other side’ (as in, my wife’s Reminders app) and in her app she can’t put lists I’ve shared with her into groups (but she can group lists she’s shared with me).

Not being able to group lists shared with you is a strange limitation…but seems to be the story.

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Yes, that is confirmed by the
Apple Support

And yes again, that is really strange! :thinking: