Apple Services Down (21 March 2022)

Having tried and failed to renew a subscription on the App Store…

" Many of Apple’s services appear to have stopped working properly, with users reporting an array of errors and problems.

Everything from Apple Music to Maps and even iMessage appeared to be suffering with the problems. Apple’s websites were also offline, with the iCloud page and other internet services not working.

Reports even suggested that Apple’s internal systems were facing difficulties, causing problems at its retail stores and for staff working remotely."

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A funny offshoot of this story: I swear I disabled Private Relay, but after services were restored today, it seemed to turn back on.

Maybe I just imagined turning it off, and it’s been on the whole time…? I swear I did, though, because it was tricking the internet into thinking I lived 2,000km away (and I don’t want to wait that long for pizza delivery).


Looks like a gradual recovery… I couldn’t even load the status page earlier!

Ah. It wasn’t just me, then! A file I had in iCloud wasn’t updating, and when I tried to access it online, I couldn’t load the page. But when I checked the system status page, it showed all was okay.

I must’ve hit the very beginning of the outage, before that page could be updated. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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What I just saw on that status page:


Is it possible that this could be the cause of a random “your iCloud was used to sign in to a new device” notification I got for my son’s account (he got it too)? No other devices were signed in. I changed his password just in case.


I get these a lot, whenever I fire up a Mac thwt hasn’t been used in a while. No idea why.