Apple shipping, wrong state?

Since I have moved to Kansas City, MO (Aug 2020) I have ordered 2 items that come from China, an iPhone and a Mac Mini M1.

My address is correct in Apple App and my account, Kansas City, MO. When both have shipped they ship to Kansas City, KS and have to be corrected By UPS. The zip code and all other address Information does not change, only the state.

Does anyone know why this might happen? Is there a fix?

The shipper probably uses a logistics database that contains errors. Is it possible your address exists in both locales – e.g., 122 Main Street exists in KCMO and KCKS?

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Nope, there is a road, but not Ave. either way the zip code is correct, which only exists in MO. UPS corrects it, but it’s still odd.

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This is highly probable. I’ve worked with a project for a glocal (a local company that operates globally) logistics company and their operations have a different labels for locations and addresses that only make sense to them. This added to delays but they wouldn’t want to change it since those data were set up by them for decades and worked for them. We had to spent months fixing their database to align it with what people are using.

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