Apple silicone case frontside question

Hi guys, does the official Apple silicone cases (specifically iPhone 15 pro max) have a lip on the front to prevent the screen from touching the surface when placed screen-side down? There is very little info on the apple page for the product.
I purchased the phone and case as a gift for someone so I can’t open it up to check it for myself.

Yes, they do, and the screen is not touching the surface when placed with the screen down.

Here’s the Apple silicone case on my 13; the design has stayed the same for the 14 series and the 15 series (I suppose, as it has always been this way – they have never been flush with the screen):

Sorry for the photo quality, I tried to zoom in quite a bit so the lip is more obvious.

The only change in recent years is that after the 11 series the bottom part of the case no longer has a cutout along the whole of the bottom edge (see what the 11 case looked like: iPhone 11 Silicone Case - Black - Apple (UK)).

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This photo is perfect. It shows exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!