Apple Software Support Lifecycle

Not that this personally affects me but does anyone else find it slightly odd that Apple does not publish a list of product support timeframes?

This is not a complaint as I know they are supporting older and older devices which can only serve as a good thing, it’s just that when we ask the question “What could Apple do better?” I’d probably (personally) say I’d like to see this, even if they were to extend/change the dates they publish.

For me it’s also more to do with family members and tracking what devices they have/supportability.

Personally, not really. To me it seems like a pretty classic Apple thing to do. I doubt Apple would like to come out and give detailed information on when they start dropping products. But this might be a bit of a cynical view and is not necessarily based in fact.

Apple is much more about dropping or extending support on a case by case basis. They often do the right thing by offering special programs for months or years to deal with nasty issues that have cropped up.

Agreed. Butterfly keyboard comes to mind.

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I think there’s a legal department in Cupertino somewhere preventing this.
“if we promise, then we could be facing a class action suit for not…” and so on


What are you looking for? Something like this, but then for software?