Apple Store classes for Kids

Just wondering if anyone took there kids to the Apple Store for any classes. I saw today they have an art class for kids, they can make an emoji. Was going to take my 6 year old. Trying to see if she is too young for it ? And if people liked it.

I took a bunch of classes at the Apple Store and always liked them. Just trying to find out about kids.

I don’t think she’s necessarily too young. I think what might find is you and she will explore together at her pace, based on what you’re half listening to from the presenter and your own knowledge. Should be a fun outing!

Thanks, it says they use the procreate app in the class which I never used before. They also supply you with an iPad and Apple Pencil to use , which I just found out my daughter uses them in school. I haven’t had an iPad in a long time, I would love to get a new one. It will be fun with my daughter and worst case I buy a brand new iPad with pencil lol

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I’ve seen an Apple Store coding class for a group of second-graders with widely varying interest in coding (and no experience). It was pretty impressive – the store employee kept their attention and brought them all along.

Procreate is a very intuitive app. Sounds like the age level is just about right.

My former store had a starting age rule of 8 years old. Please check with your local store for more info. You can also try to book a session through the store’s website. The kids classes book up quickly and people who hope to “just show up” always leave disappointed.