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Apple Store Photo Walk

During the Apple Event earlier this week Angela Ahrendts talked about Today at Apple sessions. I was intrigued and wanted to check one out. Today I went on a photo walk at the La Cantera Apple Store. The Apple Store was pretty busy as usual, and I didn’t know where to wait so I went over to the Sessions table and sat down. I flagged down a couple of employees and they said this guy JK would be leading the session. It turned out to be one on one. Three others signed up, but I was the only one who showed up. We walked to a few areas around the La Cantera mall. He talked about hard light vs soft light and where to stand so that subjects aren’t washed out or in too much shade. The we broke off for a few minutes to take our own pictures. Next he talked about shadows which was a little harder to do at 1:30 on a bright sunny afternoon. We walked to another area and took photos. Finally he talked about color and went to one last location.

They do sessions every day with different employees leading them. I’m interested in trying a drawing and sketching session because that is an area I’m not great at. I may even do a Garageband or music creation session as well. He said that the sessions are funner with a large group because you can pair people up and there is more to do, but we also had some interesting conversations about photography and music.

You can learn more about the sessions in your area by downloading the Apple Store app and going to the sessions tab.


@nlott I think it is wonderful that you are taking advantage of this program that Apple is offering. In the past I participated in the OnetoOne classes that were offered for a price when purchasing a new computer. Some of these were group classes and some were personal. I loved the personal classes because I could ask questions from the well informed teachers that were available.

I do not live close to an Apple store so I am not able to enjoy these free classes. Kudos to you; enjoy.

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Like you, Colleen, I’d attend sessions if I lived closer. I know how to use most of the apps and devices, I know how to read a manual, but I don’t really use them to theirmfull potential.

In August I took my MacBook Pro for service. While I waited my turn at the Genius Bar i eavesdropped on a session devoted to the iOS camera app. I was bowled away by the presenter’s knowledge and style. I was so engrossed that I didn’t notice the Genius was standing next to me. When he spoke I nearly jumped out of my skin!