Apple Store 'surprise and delight'

Apple Geniuses are empowered to periodically ‘surprise and delight’ customers when possible. And this week they did it with me.

I got PowerBeats Pro last September, and one of the small hard plastic embedded ‘b’(eats) sticker on the earphones’ button half peeled off and was sticking out. When I wore a hat hat that covered my ears the protruding sticker caught against the hat and pushed the button, so when I’d turn my head it would pause the audio. (And if I turned my head hard it invoked Siri!)

I could have tried peeling off the sticker but the rest of it seemed pretty well glued on. Besides, I was still under warranty so I took it to my local Apple Store to see what, if anything, they might be able to do. They couldn’t repair it on-site so took both pieces plus my charging case and said I’d get an email within 3-5 days for pick-up. I was told that a ‘repair’ might be free, or, with the extended warranty I’d purchased it might cost $29. (Apparently without the extended warranty a repair might have cost $99.)

I got the email 2 days later, returned to my Apple Store today, opened the box and … nothing was fixed, the piece still jutted out! Rep said he’d check to see if it was listed as unrepairable due to normal wear and tear, disappeared for 10 minutes, then said he’d approved a replacement with a new pair of the headphones in a sealed box, then restarted my warranty (and the extended warranty).

And here’s the kicker: since the units were on sale now, they also gave me a $50 gift card!


Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

For all the knowledge you have shared
on this forum, I think it was the Apple
Universe giving you an upvote. :+1:t2: