Apple Studio Display - 3 USB-C Ports?

Can external drives be connected to the 3 USB-C ports on the Studio Display.?

How about a graphics tablet?

Does Apple have documentation as to what and what cannot be accessed via these ports?

Assume so, I’ve got an ethernet adapter and logi usb thingy.

EDIT: just plugged an external 1TB SSD in and is working fine.

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Should be usable for anything you could connect to an external Thunderbolt dock via USB-C.

I guess that Thunderbolt 4 connection between the Apple Studio and the Apple Studio Display is pretty impressive, a kind of freeway for all that goes on between the Display and Studio Box?

This means that we get connections up the wazoo with the Studio ‘system’.

I can’t wait to see the adverts. :exploding_head:

I tried plugging in my LaCie external drive that I’ve had for a few years. The Mac couldn’t see it. I didn’t spend time troubleshooting, but I have the Studio Display connected to a CalDigit dock, so maybe that is one too many hops?

I have a MBP M1Pro connected to an OWC Thunderbolt 4 dock. The 3 USB ports are taken up by a label printer, a ScanSnap and a 4TB spinning HD. On the dock one Thunderbolt port is connected to the Apple Studio display and the other 2 TB ports are connected to SSDs. For testing purposes I just attached 3 SSDs to the remaining 3 TB ports on the ASD and all are working fine.


I’m using a Samsung T7 drive through the display and it works perfectly.