Apple Tech Support Returning Phone Call Issue

In trying to resolve an Apple ID authentication issue to reset my iPad - I have run into a Catch 22 issue with Apple Support and their inability to complete a phonecall me to discuss the issue.

I contact support with a request to discuss the case via a phone call. I eventually receive an email saying that We’re trying to reach you.

“We’re trying to call you at the phone number you provided, but we’re getting voicemail. We’ll try to call again soon.”

My iPhone shows no record of an incoming call. My screening apps are off and the phone is unlocked. Other calls are coming through. There is no attempt by Apple to leave any sort of voice message nor is there any type of call back number.

This means each time I call Apple, I first have to Navi-argue my way through their computer phone system to reach a human support specialist. Of course this is a shiny new level 1 that has a script and is reluctant to elevate the case back up to the more Sr. Level 2 staff.

Apple Staff can reach my iPhone when they send a security message to confirm that it me when get through their computer phone system.

Any Ideas on how to convince my iPhone that the incoming computer generated call from Apple is not a spam/robocall? It would help if they would include a phone number in their email that I could whitelist.


Check the blocked numbers list and remove it from there.
Also create a contact with that info might help.

We had a similar challenge with our daughter phone. We ended up calling them and confirming the phone number again. After the second call back to them, we just asked if we could talk with the person who called. They transferred us to the person who was working when we called…:slight_smile: It may have been just good timing. She didn’t have any blocked numbers at the time, so we are still not sure what happened there.

If it doesn’t even show in your call list, they might have the wrong number, or you have a call blocker enabled with that number saved (e.g. Truecaller).

Edit: you said your screening apps are off, but I’m unsure if the screening apps being turned off is enough. I believe it maintains a contact in your Contacts, and also a list in Settings - Phone - Blocked Contacts

Does your carrier have a blocking or filtering feature, maybe even one you never opted into or that you opted into so long ago you don’t remember doing it? (My Verizon account has one, and I appear to have opted in but certainly don’t remember doing so.)

Thanks All - I had to scroll through the blocked calls list which has become quite long and found Apple there. Head bangs against wall a few times