Apple Trade In Program

I’m going to upgrade my Apple Watch Series 2 to the Series 4. Apple is offering me $115 for my old watch. But I would like to wait until Fri to see if my carrier AT&T will have any Series 4 in stock. Can I do the trade in program with Apple if I buy from AT&T directly? Does anyone know?

Apple trade-ins are deals in exchange for a sale with Apple only.

Alternatively you could see if they’ll just buy it back and give you an Apple Store credit. (I did that with my iPad mini.)

Apple only. They are offering higher trade in prices though. BestBuy only offered $75 so mine is going back to Apple.

Highest prices I’ve been offered in comparison have been through Amazon’s trade-in program, which gives you a credit to your Amazon account. Amazon is offering me around $25 more for my 6S Plus than any other company, including Apple, and they paid more for my old iPad Mini as well.

Do you have to buy the new one from amazon?

You don’t. But as far as I know, the only way Amazon will pay you is via a gift card credited to your account. So it frees up money you would have spent at Amazon anyway to spend elsewhere, but that’s about it. Of course, if you shop pretty regularly at Amazon, it works out fine.

I didn’t see many trade in opportunities at Amazon for a Series 2, though.


That’s good to know. I may have to look at Amazon if I replace my iPad Pro this year.

No. Amazon just pays for used electronics and gives you a credit.

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