Apple trade inn "Service Battery"?

I am planning to buy a 13" MB Pro M1 and want to trade inn my Late 2015 MB Pro inn. I barely used it but the battery shows a warning that it needs to be serviced. It still has Apple Care on it but brining it inn for service would be rather inconvenient.

Any experience with Trading inn with this warning?
The questionnaire asks if the battery still holds a charge witch it does…

I don’t have any experience with this, but it seems like just the sort of thing you could get “dinged” for on a trade-in.

At the very least, I’d want to call AppleCare and have them tell you that it won’t effect the trade-in, and get a “case number” documenting that call before you send it in.

Thanks, I will bring it in for repair the day the new MB arrives. Not taking a chance that when the 3rd party who inspects and purchases the trade inn and reject it. By then my Apple care has expired.
Assuming the repaid comes back within 2 weeks I will be in time to bring it to Apple :wink:

That did not work for me. Brought my 2018 15-inch MBP to my Apple Store a month before AppleCare would be up due to a flaky Touch Bar and a hint that the battery might be starting to swell. Did not want be without a Mac so I tried to trade in for a new 13-inch M1 MBA. No deal. They wanted to look inside the MBP before accepting it in trade. So I bought the M1 MBA outright and sent the MBP in for repair (which came back to me surprisingly quickly with a new top case and a new battery).

P.S. I’m keeping the M1 MBA. It seems almost perfect to me.