Apple TV accessibility features

At the beginning of January I woke up to discover I’d lost about 70dB of hearing my left ear (and replaced it with tinnitus). Since then I’ve learned my hearing won’t be getting any better and there no definitive cause.

Anyway, this has been a journey into learning more about Apple’s accessibility features. I’ve turned all of my devices and into mono output - except for the AppleTV as I mostly listen to that via the TV speakers.

Of course, sound mixing and background noise varies so I occasionally have to put Closed Captions on to read what is being said but I thought I’d dive in to see if there any features I’m missing.

Turns out - no!

I was hoping that they would have a setting to both be able to stream to connected AirPods and have the normal output to the TV. I admit I’m a bit shocked they don’t.

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I have hearing problem as well as being exposed to a loud firecracker when I was 5 years old. Then was exacerbated by continuously parking at the front of the crowd at every concert we go to. Prodigy did a bad number as my ears started ringing for days. I had to wear an earplug by this company called FlareAudio to reduce background noise when I go around the city but still able be hear conversation and alarms.

Anyway back to AppleTV accessibility, they have a feature called “Reduce Loud Noise” that you can access on any content you are watching by swiping down then accessing audio. It lessened those abrupt loud background noise such as explosion and gun fire. I believe that you can connect two AirPods on the AppleTV but there is no function to have the audio on both the AirPods and the TV. I also wonder why do you need to have both audio mix on your TV speaker and your AirPods.