Apple TV+ and MLB

I’m a big baseball fan and watch a lot of baseball during the season and postseason. Tonight, I’m watching the NY Mets and Nationals on Apple TV+, Friday Night Baseball. Pretty cool. I hope Apple expands their baseball and other sports coverage.

Here is more information on Apple TV+ and baseball coverage.

How to watch.



I tuned in for a few minutes to see if they were doing anything special with production value. I’m surprised these tech companies (Apple, Amazon) don’t do much more than the networks with sports.

Then I had to switch off those loser teams to watch my hometown WORLD CHAMPION Bravos.


So so mean! :wink: :grinning:


I’m watching now - I’m impressed with the camera angles, the commentators and the apple style graphics. Had a bit of trouble with the streaming at one point, but other than that, this is a first rate broadcast.

I read that they’re expecting more features as the season progresses.

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I agree that commentators are excellent, better than what is typical on Bally Sports with commentators who are often entirely too “comical”.

So did I so I decided to reboot the Apple TV, which had not been done for months … that seemed to help.

I just chalked it up to passing internet congestion. It sorted itself out in a few minutes. I expect they’ll get better at this as the season progresses.

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Ouch, batter hit!!


And the batter was mic’ed up too. Scary sound. Glad he seems okay. Broadcast team handled it well.

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How are they handling commercial breaks?

They have regular commercial breaks. National advertisers (tech mostly) as you’d expect. It seems like a step up from RSN (regional sports network) games, but not at the ESPN show level. At least not yet.

I’m looking forward to how this develops. The first game was fun to watch - but I don’t follow either team so I wasn’t very invested in the game’s outcome.

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So they’re not just streaming the regional broadcasts? Apple is producing it’s own broadcasts with their own announcers?

That’s worth trying. I think I’m going to get the MLB package though, since the schedule Apple released so far only has 1 or 2 Giants games

I’ve considered this as well but it is expensive. I have ATT&T TV so I’m able to record all of the games and fast forward past commercials so this works great!

I don’t have any cable packages, so 130 for the year is farrrrrr cheaper than a monthly cable bill for channels I don’t have time to watch, even if I wanted to. So for my situation I think it would be a good deal. Watching opening day while working yesterday was very nice. The streaming was a bit wonky, but nothing that I can’t live with.
Still going to try out Apple TV for a month to see what they’re doing.

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