Apple TV colour issue

Hi all - Apple TV A1625, HD model from 2015 started showing black, blue, red or white only. Unplugging everything, counting to 30, reconnecting and changing the HDMI cable have all been tried to no avail. Has anyone seen this before?

What happens if you plug it into a different TV, or if you use a different HDMI cable?

I have seen this many times in the past at the Genius Bar.

If this happens on another TV, you have proved a hardware failure is occurring. You could try to reset or restore the AppleTV first. Since you tried a different HDMI cable already, you have ruled out the cheapest solution. You most likely will need to buy a new Apple TV.

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Apparently this was caused by the smart TV. Restting it and / or changing HDMI input port solved the issue and the color is back to normal.