Apple TV (Hardware)

My Apple TV HD seems to be on its way out.

I’m currently resetting to factory defaults to see if it’s a software issue (Fingers crossed)

It’s the one we use in the bedroom, but it’s been acting very funny recently with the spinner interrupting our watching and coming up regularly. It’s about 2 ft from an Eero, so unless it’s the WiFi in the Apple TV, it shouldn’t be a WiFi issue.

Nothing else in the house is having the same issue and my Mac Mini is 2 ft below the Eero with no issues.

If it is FUBAR then I have a dilemma.

I could buy the new Apple TV 4K and cascade the older Apple TV 4K from downstairs to the bedroom, but the one with Thread and Ethernet is £169 which is ridiculous. I could also just pick up a 2nd hand Apple TV from somewhere.

Despite their excellent value for money, I find the interface on the Fire Stick to be appalling.

Does anyone in the UK have any recommendations for other streaming pucks/boxes please. Primary uses are iPlayer, ITV Hub, 4 and 5 plus Plex

I think that the Apple TVs are excellent products with the best user interface around for their simplicity.

one app that smart TV, Google TV and Firestick cannot replace Apple TV is the Fitness + app on the Apple TV, otherwise all these are alternatives to AT

Consider getting the cheaper (new) Apple TV as you already have a 4K model with thread which can perform the hub role. Despite all the detractors in the media, I think this is the point of the new cheaper one, to be a “second device”.

I’ve been using the 4K Chromecast with Google TV for about a year. Works great, currently $30 US.

I’ve got an HD Apple TV but never liked the Siri Remote.

I actually glad that you write about this. Like you I have also ordered the new Apple TV with Ethernet, Thread and Matter support. I purposed held off upgrading to the 4K version as the upgrade was very insignificant.

I also think that Apple is hedging its bets, as it is still too early days to know how Matter will go and Apple is only one of the stakeholders (although a key one). I think it is quite safe to future proof with the new Apple TV Ethernet version given that the price difference with WiFi version that is almost a no brainer to choose.

Like the (so far) 10 smart bulbs I have around the house? It seems like these would be very common AC-powered smart devices.

I use it but it feels like it was designed by an extraterrestrial for creatures with non-human hands, flexibly jointed fingers, and skin more tactile than I have. :nauseated_face:

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I may be misunderstanding your words @SpivR but are you saying that if you have Thread routers (HomePod Mini and Apple TVs with thread) then you wouldn’t need an Aqara Hub to deploy Aqara devices?

I purchased three other remotes before I gave up on the Apple TV. Now I just use it to airplay from my iPad occasionally.

My biggest problem with the Apple TV device is finding streaming services I enjoy and want to pay for.

So far that hasn’t been a problem for me.

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I actually chose my NanoLeaf Essentials bulbs based on being bright, hubless, HomeKit compatible, and reasonably priced, but they also have Thread. Hence why I mentioned them.

I had one of my oldest ones start behaving a little oddly and they had me do a little troubleshooting before sending me a free replacement, so they’re well supported, too.

They haven’t captured the public’s imagination like Philips, but are readily available (at multiple brick-and-mortar retailers in New Zealand) including via Apple.

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