Apple TV in Car?

Anyone setup an Apple TV in a car? How and what means did you use? (Gen of Apple TV, connection type, etc).

Here’s a connector I found that looks promising, but not sure.

A friend asked how to play kids’ TV shows in the car with a phone or streaming device. He would likely download these offline to his phone.

This really seems more like a job for an iPad.

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I agree with @ChrisUpchurch
Could you add some detail to the use case?

The car already has multiple screens and an A/V input, so he would like to broadcast one show to the car’s input and have it displayed on all of the screens for the kids to watch. They would need three iPads to make this work.

Couldn’t he just connect the iPad to the vehicle’s A/V input, treating all the car screens as an external display?

That is a thought. Was avoiding, since it is hard to know which cables/adapters are reputable. So would this be Composite cable (Red-White-Yellow) to HDMI to lightning?

Here is what I ended up suggesting:
Option 1:
Direct connect

Cost: Apple Cable ($45) + Amazon adapter ($15) = ~$60

Option 2:
Apple TV

Cost: Apple Cable ($45) + Amazon adapter ($15) + Apple TV ($150) = ~$210

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