Apple TV limitations?

My GF uses her iPad and iPhone as her primary computers. She likes to watch videos in VLC, courses on Lynda, YouTube videos, etc.

Thinking of getting an AppleTV so she can just cast the stuff from her device to the bigger screen.

Practically speaking, are there any “gotchas” I should be watching out for?

I know there’s a current kerfuffle with Netflix, but I’m not sure if there’s anything else that might cause us an issue.

Anybody run into AirPlay problems with different apps?

If you are getting the Apple TV, you can also download the apps and run them directly. No need to AirPlay from a different device. This frees up the phone for IMDB searches and other stuff while you watch.

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The “kerfuffle with Netflix” was mostly a tempest-in-a-teapot / mountain-out-of-molehill since you could always just watch Netflix via the AppleTV app.

BTW - I really like Infuse on iOS and AppleTV. It will let you connect a Dropbox account and you can play videos and such right from there, or a Mac if you have one on your network. FWIW. It does a nice job of finding artwork, etc if you have movies / TV shows that you want to watch that way.


Some apps won’t AirPlay due to DRM rights. I have a streaming service with my internet provider that I can’t use AirPlay with. You have to download their app on the target device (Apple TV). My device is first gen and does not support installing apps. So that’s something to consider. DRM rights.

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MLB for sure doesn’t allow mirroring.

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