"Apple users are being locked out of their Apple IDs with no explanation"

Did anyone on this forum run into this?

(Looks like I’m good - and I did not get any support calls from family members yet :sweat_smile:)

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I got locked out of my Apple ID yesterday (2024-04-26) evening for no apparent reason.

I had to reset my password to regain access to my Apple account. Once the password was reset, I also had to re-enable Health data syncing on my iPhone and iPad. Additionally, I needed to log in to Apple ID and recreate all of my app-specific passwords. The passwords I created previously were nowhere to be seen.

Everything seems to be back to normal, though I could have done without this unexpected Friday evening chore. And I hope we get an official explanation from Apple on why this occurred.

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Same thing happened to me yesterday including having to reset app specific passwords.

An article with a link to a discussion by a uswe about this issue is on TidBITS.

I haven’t had this issue (knock on wood) but several of my neighbors have called asking for help.

Apple ID is green on the status page, but a few other services have had issues:

Happened to me last night. Called AppleCare and it took almost an hour to get me back in. Reset password several times and then it seemed to randomly start working again. The tech had no idea why I got locked out or how I got back in. They said there were no reported server outages, but half of the errors I got were server errors.

Looking through the Macrumors forum, lots of people suspect it was some kind of attack on Apple, but nothing official yet.

Happened to me on Friday (Australia time). Also had to reconnect iMessage and SMS forwarding between phone/iPad/MacBook. I found the various iCloud password dialogues often were unresponsive as I entered/changed passwords, which makes sense if there was a problem/lots of people doing the same thing/an attack.

James Thompson also suggested checking your Messages settings to ensure that the default and Send & Receive are correct as his had been reset.

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Exact same thing happened to me yesterday. Nothing to add to what’s posted above other than confirming it is not an isolated event

I got locked out too. I also happend to have gotten the incorrect email about iPhone trade-ins. I’m wondering if there’s much overlap between the two.

(And this lockout has been a major hassle—my iMessage chats got all screwed up)

I experienced issues too! This is a case of “misery loves company” for me. I’ve been trying to figure out if this was some kind of attack I personally fell for (namely, did I fall for one of those spoof-the-“log in to your Apple ID”-modals). So I’m kinda glad to hear it was widespread…

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I’ve not had an issue so far :crossed_fingers:t2:, does anyone have any idea what is going on?

I have been reading every article I could find about it today, but no one seems to know anything. No response from Apple yet.

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Same experience for me, just before 8:30 pm EDT on April 26. I was watching my Apple TV at the time; the content froze and a “Verify your identity” message appeared on all my devices simultaneously. Tried to log in to appleid.apple.com and was told that my account had been locked for security reasons.

A password reset got me back in, but as someone else mentioned, all of my app-specific passwords were gone and it took quite a while for iCloud sync to resume.

Thanks for the heads up, @geoffaire. I checked my iMessage settings. They weren’t reset in my case.

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My “symptoms” were similar. Happened about 6:30pacific last night. An extremely helpful Apple agent got me going again. Had to reset the PW several times. Had one timeout. Suspect the relevant apple servers were overloaded.

And it seems shared iCloud folders are no longer shared.

It is disappointing that Apple has not found it necessary to explain what happened as this is security-related.


Happened to me also. I saw it on my watch when waking up and got suspicious it was some kind of hack attempt. I took my time before actually resetting anything.

These things can happen, but communicating swiftly about them is important. Apple really failed there and reduced my trust in them.

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