Apple Vision Pro - Immersive Videos Where Are You?

I listened to this Under the Radar episode about the Vision Pro. They talk about how it’s an amazing piece of technology, but they rarely use it. One thing they mention that resonates with me is that the immersive videos are amazing, but it launched with 4 and two months later there are no new ones. I’ve watched the Highline video 4 times now, but would expect there to be more by now. Apple’s usual CIA level of secrecy is really misplaced in this area. They should be creating more content and talking about their future immersive videos. I don’t understand why there has been nothing new since launch day.

They really should do more for the Vision Pro.

My FOMO has faded. I have made up my mind: no Vision Pro for me when it will launch in Germany.

But I still am interested in this new category. Maybe Gen 2… :blush:

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Looks like they have several projects that need attention.


Apple is investing in an engineering team in my home town.

At the bottom of this web page you can see advertisements for people to work on the Vision Pro as of today (2024-03-28).

This is a current link for jobs.

So Apple is continuing to invest in the VP.


That’s really great to see Apple supporting local cities. Hopefully you’ve already bought a house before all the rich Apple employees start moving in with their all-cash offers :wink:

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There’s certainly chatter out there about this content. I’ve had the VP since Wednesday after launch. When I was doing the demos, asked the team what immersive content was in the pipeline. They had no idea and they way they acted, it seemed like I shouldn’t be buying it for that purpose alone.

Thing is, with video content, we don’t think what it takes to produce it. Learned a lot during the early days of HDTV. Was lucky to have local engineers work with those of us as early adopters to improve signals. Thing is, everything - from Camera to production studio, to transmitter (no matter the format now - streaming, OTA, etc) has to be capable of working with the higher bit rates. Not sure what Immersive content requires or how they edit it.

The use case I’m looking forward to with immersion is live sports with different vantage points. On the field, in the car, in a stand, etc. It’s like you are physically there. Pay per view has been around for a while. I don’t tend to partake as it seems like a waste of money. BUT if you are now including immersion? Count me in! Football, Baseball, NASCAR, F1 - heck yeah!

Came across an app called AmazeVR. App is free. It’s immersive VR - music videos. They call them concerts and feature:

  • Megan Thee Stallion
  • Avenged Sevenfold
  • Zara Larsson
  • T-Pain
  • aespa (coming soon)
  • KAI (to be announced)

Appears they are constantly adding content. Each “concert” by each artist seems to be $12.99. They are stated to be about 13 - 20 minutes long.

I’m personally not familiar with, or listen to the ones they currently have. But you can download a free song to see what It’s like. I tried Zara Larsson and have to say, it was REALLY cool. She is looking at you the entire time and it seems real.

Looking forward to seeing more of this.