Apple Vision Pro Preorders

Anyone else out there foolish enough to join me? @MacSparky?


Notes on ordering:

  • The process was very smooth.
  • I ordered on Mac, since that was the first place the store came up for me.
  • On Mac, you use a FaceID capable iOS device to scan a QR code, which opens the Apple Store app to scan your face
    • Apple must be really confident in Handoff to make it part of the ordering process for a new flagship device, but it worked perfectly for me
    • The face scan is less finicky than Face ID training. Just turning your head left-right-up-down rather than having to do a complete circle. The app has you do it twice.
  • Storage tiers are 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB
    • 512 is an extra $200, 1TB adds $400 (same price premiums Apple is currently charging for an iPhone or MacBook Air)
  • AppleCare+ is $499 for 2 years or 24.99/mo (hell yes I got AppleCare+)
  • 25 minutes after ordered opened, the 256gb model is showing delivery February 13-16
    • 512 and 1TB deliver February 6
    • At many stores all of the sizes are available for pickup February 2-3, so it seems like if you want earlier delivery you can get it by ordering a larger storage tier or picking up in-store
  • Accessories include
    • Travel Case for $199
    • Belkin Battery Holder for $49
    • Additional Battery for $199
    • Additional Light Seal for $199
    • Additionall Light Seal Cushion for $29
    • Additional Dual Loop Band or Solo Knit Band for $99

I look forward to reading about your experience. That will be interesting and fun!

As for me, after reading some of the earliest reviews, my initial thoughts are reinforced; there is nothing about the product that entices me. :slightly_smiling_face:


They seem to be selling well in Madison WI.

Ordered mine started at 7 AM. Decided on in-store pickup, not delivery, given the price. That immediately bumped me to Saturday pickup at 10 AM. Ordered…your time is no longer available. Picked 1 PM, ordered…your pickup time is no longer available. So I’m getting mine at 2 PM on Saturday Feb. 3rd, which was the first time available by 7:15 AM this morning.


Me too!


RIP my bank account. Apple Vision Pro: Ordered – 512 Pixels


I bit the bullet and jumped in as well. Ran into some slight processing issues where Apple Pay would finish but not complete the order. Overall a pretty smooth experience. I was surprised the fitting experience put me at a M head band. I have a pretty large head and hope it’s accurate. I did in store pickup for 2.2 at 8AM. Maybe the store will have other sizes if I need to change.

The Apple Care price really shocked me. It’s nearly 2x as much as a similarly priced MBP. That and the travel case really pushed the price up. I’m not normally a clumsy person, but maybe my recent accident of dropping my fountain pen right on the nib has made me paranoid this week.

What accessories did everyone add if any?


I’m the opposite. Rather than try to get one, (my discretional hardware budget is being saved for the iPad DNA sequencer due out this year from Oxford Nanopore) I spent my early morning dream time outlining the very first apps I want to program to use it, how I’d integrate them with my current apps/database and what I’d need to learn.


AppleCare+ for the base model 16" MacBook Pro (which costs exactly the same as a base model Vision Pro) is $399, so $499 for the Vision Pro isn’t too far off.

Apple seems to set AppleCare prices based on the price of the lowest-end model in a particular line and sticks to that same price regardless of configuration. So you pay the same $279 for a $1599 entry level 14" MBP as you do for a maxed out $6899 model.

Travel case and battery holder. I thought about the spare battery, but for now, I’m holding off on that until I see how I use the device.

You’re right. I was looking at the 14" for $279. That makes complete sense that the starting price would dictate AppleCare+.

That battery holder was the only other accessory that interested me. I’m still debating how much I’ll be moving about with the headset vs plugged in.

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The repair costs are $$$$$$ Vision Pro replacement/repair costs up to $2,399 without AppleCare - 9to5Mac

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Are you reconsidering declining AppleCare+?

I imagine integration into animal husbandry and production is a potentially interesting market.


Probably not much ROI for VisionPro if the use case is blogs, ranking apps, and commentary.


I’m waiting for the Apple Vision Air.


That would probably be popular. The Vision Pro weighs almost as much as a 12.9 iPad Pro.

My wife and I ordered one each. March 8-10 delivery date.


I have no intent in purchasing this at all, but am interested to hear real life use cases for it. More interested (as a tax accountant) that David is apparently writing it off as a business expense.

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Isn’t his business testing and commenting on tech?


I am in, but worried. I wear reading glasses 95% of the time, but wear progressives for driving or really anytime I leave the house. I hate them and generally find them hard to use because I have to position my head just right to make text in focus. Apple/Zeiss specify to use your normal everyday prescription and that progressive prescriptions will work (had to search for this info). So I ordered a 512gb with Feb 2 delivery, but the lenses they say will take 3 weeks.

Edit, just got a text that my prescription is approved and they will deliver Feb 2 as well.