Apple Watch 3 space to update to watchOS 6.2.8

I have the Apple Watch 3, it’s a great device and I’ve never had problems updating the OS before, but 6.2.8 requires 2.2GB and I only have 1.8GB free. If I uninstalled all of the apps I’ve have installed (all 5 of them) it won’t free up the extra 0.4GB (actually comes to about 30MB). I don’t have photos, music or podcasts on their either.

I’ve rebooted in case there were app memory usage, or logs taking up space.

I can’t see a way to free up the extra space to update.

Anyone else having the same issue?

Fortunately, I have not been in this situation, but it happens.

If nothing helps, unpairing and re-pairing the watch will delete all files (including temporary and maybe corrupted files). But make sure to do a backup first to be able to restore the data later on.

Or less drastic tips:

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It happened to me with the beta for watchOS 7.
I filed a bug report. It might help to do the same?

I think this site might let you (not 100% sure)

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The only solution I found (and this was confirmed by a couple posts on reddit) was to unpair the watch, then re-pair it.

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My wife is having this issue with her S3, but even unpairing and repairing didn’t work. Here’s the process I went through:

  1. Unpair the watch
  2. Begin setup as a NEW watch (no restore from backup)
  3. Right after this, if I check the “About” page, there is enough free space.
  4. Fire off the WatchOS 7 update
  5. Update fails for not enough space.
  6. Check the “About” page again and there is now less free space than there was in #3

It’s like it’s stuck in a loop. There’s a small window during setup when there’s enough space on the watch, but it’s like it syncs more data to the watch (even though I didn’t restore from backup) before I can get the new OS installed.

Any ideas?