Apple Watch 4 vs 3

With so many deals on the Apple Watch 3, is it worth it to get an Apple Watch 4 at retail. I’m upgrading from a Series 0 watch. I do not plan to use LTE and I would be getting a 44mm because all my bands would fit it.

I know people with Series 3 Watches who upgraded to Series 4 and love the bigger size and faster speed.

I don’t think I know anyone with a Series 4 who’d want to swap it for a Series 3 plus the cash difference under today’s sales deals.

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I upgraded from a 0 to a 4. I’m very happy with the decision. The 3 would be cheaper of course but the 4 is a big step ahead in display and speed.

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I believe you’ll be happy with Series 3. However, considering that you’re upgrading from Series 0, it seems like that you prefer a longer period between upgrades. If that’s the case, the difference between Series 3 and 4 may not be that hard to swallow if the upfront payment of Series 4 is within your budget.

I have both a Series 3 and Series 4. The 4 is a bit faster, and has a larger screen, which is nice. Going from a Series 0, you will notice a massive improvement in speed regardless of which you choose. It comes down to this: If you want a slightly larger screen than your S0, get the 4. If you are more concerned about budget get the 3. Either way, you will love your new watch.

If you can afford it get a series 4, on interest free plastic . it will be able to run the latest Watch iOS for at least a year longer than the series 3. Just got the series 4 SS 44mm with cellular, my reasoning for purchase added £200 at each step, but I like it. Looking forward to series ‘x’ with multi-day battery and just maybe a camera.

I upgraded from a 2 to a 4, so it’s not exactly answering your question, but:

  1. The difference in the size of the watch isn’t noticeable to me (I have the 44mm).

  2. The difference in the size of the screen is surprisingly and pleasantly noticeable.

  3. The differences in speed and responsiveness are astounding.

The first two are relavent to your question, the last not quite as much.

I went from the 3 to the 4 and thought it a huge upgrade because of the increased speed. For me, it crossed a usefulness line and became something I really missed when I didn’t have it on. The 3 seemed to take more of my attention to accomplish the same things.

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