Apple Watch 5 battery life?

Hello all,

Any AW5 owners here who can give their views on the battery life with the constantly-on screen?
Have things settled down? Saw some early reports that the battery life was noticeably worse than previous versions?

Thinking of upgrading - but in no major rush, and wondering if it might be better to wait until AW6…

I’ve had no problems with my 40mm, I have been running the watchOS betas but that usually has an adverse effect on battery life, not positive. I do put my watch in theatre mode overnight (from around 10pm to 8am), but I did that before too.

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For me it depends if I do a workout. On a workout day I can put the watch on at around 8am in the morning, do a 1hr spin class and the watch will be at around 30% battery by 11pm so I switch to my series 3 for sleep tracking.

Yesterday I wore it all day, didn’t do a workout, wore it all night for sleep tracking and this morning it’s at 62%.

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I do not use it for much activity tracking. I use the always on display and have not charged it a couple of times overnight due to travel. It has lasted 2 days for me on those occasions.

I’m usually at 35-45% by bedtime, depending on how long the day’s been and how much I’ve used it (I think.) That’s with one 20-30 minute workout, a little cellular use and the screen always on. Once or twice a month I’ll end closer to 10-20% and not be sure why, which is similar to the 4. I never had the persistent battery issues others had, for reference.

I have the 44mm Series 5. I’ll share my routine…let’s start at bedtime. I try to go to bed with the watch at 100% charge. I use AutoWake overnight as an alarm clock. I like the watch vibration on my wrist to wake me up. I normally wake up at 5:30 am.

When I get up in the morning, I put the watch on the charger. It is probably 10-12% drained (I don’t look at the number, just the partial circle). By the time I shave, brush teeth, and other preparation it is back to or very close to 100% charged. I then go to the gym, do a workout, go to work, and wear the watch non-stop until around 8pm, where I return it to the charger to get it back up to 100% by bedtime. It is 6 pm now, and it has 57% battery left.

I never had any issues with the Series 5 that some people reported and have had the watch essentially since day one. I’m not sure if there are hardware issues with some units, or it was all software. I have been running every non-beta version of the software that has been released this cycle.

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I have no issues with battery life on my 44mm series 5. I wear it at nioght for sleep tracking and have te screen always on. One charge of about 45 minutes will do it for almost 24 hours of use. I only use theathre mode from say 23.00-7.00.

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Thank you, I’m in the market for one. I’ve been reading all the animosity about battery life on other websites. It’s nice to get real user feedback.