Apple Watch 5 gym app kills workout app


when working out I use Gymbook for tracking weights and the workout app for tracking time, hr, calories etc. It used to work perfectly fine (even on my old Series 1!) - I started a weight-lifting work in the workout app, then switched to Gymbook to enter my sets. Now with a new Series 5 the workout app will get killed instantly the moment I start my routine in Gymbook.

Is this due to more restrictive RAM management? Is somebody facing the same problem and maybe found a solution? I really love to enter my sets on my wrist, it is way less cumbersome than doing it on my phone.

Zac Hall, one of the co-hosts of the underrated 9To5Mac Happy Hour podcast, described in November and December testing his Series 5 Edition AW during several long runs (at least a couple of half-marathons, IIRC), experimenting using it with screen on/off, music being or not being played, etc.

And he just updated his reports with conclusions based on using the Apple Watch on three different half-marathons:

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Does the Workout app get killed or just shuffled into the background? I see an irritating bit of behaviour when I start a Timer - if I go back to watch face or any other app, the timer’s gone and I have to scroll through the app list and Strat it. When I do, it’s where it should be in the countdown.

Just wondering if your experience is a manifestation of the same