Apple Watch 5 screen protector?

Is anyone using anything to protect the glass face of their aluminum Apple Watch? InvisibleShield announced a ‘hybrid glass’ shield for the Series 5 for $39.99, and of course there are lots of $5-$15 plastic film shield on amazon/ebay. I’m close to buying my first AW. Is a screen protector worth it? (Not looking for a bumper case.)

My only experience with a protector was one that was thrown in along with a third-party band I bought. I put it on once when I was doing yard work, and felt like I stood a greater chance damaging the Watch getting the protector off and on, than by doing yard work. It was a tight fight, and hard to pull over the digital crown, so it was more of a bumper that you said you’re not interested in. Otherwise, I’ve worn some version of the aluminum Watch since the Series 0, and only had one minor ding on the aluminum of one, not the screen. (And now I’ve jinxed myself, and will surely shatter my screen today)

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My aluminum Series 2 has several tiny (needle point) scratches in the space gray finish that I hadn’t noticed until now. But the screen appears unmarked. If you’ve ever worn a watch, I’d let that be my guide of how your AW may fare.

I’ve only used one screen protector on a device. An InvisibleShield film protector for my iPhone 4s - to cover up a long scratch it received when I put the phone in a pocket full of keys. I was very please with their product.

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Thanks. I don’t care about dings on the watch case, but having a scratched screen would drive me batty. I’m pretty careful with my unscratched dive watch, which doesn’t have a sapphire face, but the curved, less protected face of the Apple Watch has me worried about it being more susceptible to damage.

For whatever reason, I am incredibly rough on my watch. My gen2 suffered horrible scratches and finally cracked the screen so bad you could see into the watch. The current gen3 is starting to get some minor scuffing so must be taking it easier on this one. I tried the #zagg screen protector which adhered well, but the black border covered a small amount of the screen then shattered two days in.

I just tried the Tauracle brand on Amazon and it was complete and total crap. You get three in the package which is great because the first one popped off after an hour; the second shattered while putting it on and decided to return the lot to Amazon.

Good luck and can’t to hear if you find a viable option!

Update 3D Clear Apple Watch Screen Protector Anti-Bubble & Scratch Resistant Tempered Glass Film Compatible with Apple iWatch Series 1/2/3 42mm (3 Pack)

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I had a similar experience, I am not using anything on mine, I am depending on AppleCare+.

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