Apple Watch and Siri

After spending an hour with Apple Support, I learned that Apple has removed some Siri functionality. My wife and I both own Apple Watches (Series 3) and iPhone Xs.

Previous behaviors on WatchOS: “Siri add item to my groceries list in Reminders”… Such a command to Siri would result in said item being added to the named list in the Under the current WatchOS updates [4.3.1 (15T567) & 4.3.2 (15U70)] Siri reports that no such list exists and prompts to go to the iPhone. My very supportive Apple rep confirmed this after much testing and consultation.

Given the form factor of the Apple Watch, this is a problem for us and a significant step backward. Siri is a major interface to the Watch. I requested through the Apple Feedback page that they please return this much-needed functionality. My hope is that this is a momentary lapse as Apple prepares for their big changes to Siri in the upcoming months. I share this with the Mac Power Users community that they will be saved an hour on support and hopefully help in advocating the keeping of such a feature.

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I noticed the same. Too bad they removed this feature, it was one of the best way I used Siri on the watch!
Thanks for sharing this, so I won’t be trying again until the next iOS update

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I also noticed this, BUT
My watch just updated to the latest beta last night, and it works again now. I reckon it was a bug.

So, I can say “Hey Siri, add cereal to my shopping list” and, as usual, it adds serial.


So relieved! Thank you for the heads up!

This is now working for me in iOS 12 beta 7.

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