Apple Watch armband

I recently received a mechanical watch for my birthday and I want to start wearing it. I’m currently a 23-hours a day Apple Watch wearer, so I have a bit of a pickle.

I’ve seen armbands where you wear it on your arm rather than your wrist. Has anyone tried these and are they any good / subtle under clothing?


Out of the water I only wear one watch at a time. But here’s something you might find interesting.

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Thanks, I never considered this!

Unfortunately it only fits a 38mm watch - I’d imagine it’s a pain to type with too?!

The only thing I type on my AW is the passcode. :grinning:

It depends on your Size, and your Fingers.
My wife (1,6m) is doing fine with here smaller Watch, but I (almost 2m) have no chance to get something into this thing by purpose.
Beside that, the Apple Watch Series 3 was the last one with 38mm, as far as I remember.
And I am in doubt, that the sensors of the Apple Watch are working fine, if you have the watch on the wrong side of your wrist.

Sorry I wasn’t clear @Ulli @WayneG - I meant typing on a normal keyboard with the Apple Watch under your wrist.

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I imagine it would work fine - the pulse is stronger on the underside (at least that’s where one’s pulse is normally taken from!).

I’m hoping to put it on my upper arm, which I suspect might impede measurements!

Apple is not recommending that, and the sensors do not know, that you have it on the other side, so they could not taken this into consideration while they interpret the received data!
“Stronger” is not necessarily “Better” in that case.

I’ll be honest, if you really want to switch over to mechanical watches you should probably look at Oura Ring or Whoop. You lose the rings, but you keep all (sometimes have better) health tracking. Just something to consider!

Things brings me back to my oft-requested-never-going-to-happen desire for an Apple Ring or Apple Band for those times I want to wear my mechanical.


This could do what you want.

Yes this is the one I’m looking at. Unfortunately it has pretty mixed reviews so wondering if anyone has actually used one.

You shouldn’t expect to get any kind of useful informations from the Apple Watch, if the Watch is not worn as intended by the developers.
The whole “Magic” comes from a long research of the movements of a body that could be recognized at the wrist, and if you do not wear it there, those results won’t be thrustful.
The same goes with the results of the sensors of the Watch, as they are also tuned to measure at a special place (your wrist) and are taking this position into account.

There are multiple reasons for wearing my Apple Watch that go beyond my pulse - the alternative is not wearing it at all so I’m happy with less accurate readings.

Anyway - keen to hear from anyone who’s actually tried one!