Apple Watch Battery Indicator

I’ve been having issues with my Apple Watch not correctly indicating battery level. I have a version 5 watch and after being on all night and using it for a 5K run using my headphones connected through blue tooth, it still shows at 99%. I’ve turned it and my phone off several times, but it hasn’t moved in days. A few days ago it shut off because the battery died though it was still showing 99%.

I had this happen previously and it miraculously started working again for a few weeks. Has anyone seen this happening? What are my options for getting this resolved?

I’m having the same problem. I’ve got the 44mm Version 5. I haven’t seen any battery level below 90% in weeks, but it will also die with no warning. It’s super annoying to have no real idea what the charge is, I put in on the charger for an hour or two. I don’t actually know if it’s charging because it already thinks it is at 100%. I went out a few days ago for a walk - I checked the charge before I left home - 90%, 10 minutes later with it recording my walk it died. My walk doesn’t count if my watch is dead!!!

I’ve done manual restarts, in the hope that there is some difference between shutdown from battery too low, and user initiated shutdown.

I did an online chat with an Apple Genius, and they did a remote diagnostic on the watch which said all was fine. if it’s still misbehaving when my local Apple store opens again, I’ll take it in for replacement. I’m hoping the next Watch OS update just fixes it.

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I’m having the same issues, as I stated. I haven’t reached out to Apple yet myself. I don’t have an Apple store anywhere near me, closest are 2 hours away.

Maybe have a chat with an Apple support person on their website might get things started for you?

(But that might only be useful if you have applecare on the watch)

I got on a chat with them. They also had me do a diagnostic (battery’s fine), also had me un-pair and re-pair the watch. During that time, it went from a 99% battery to 100% battery, and no, I didn’t have it on the charger. They want me to use the workout app and see if it happens again, but as long as I keep charging, it should be good. I just don’t know where I am at any given time for battery, making it possible to shut down again due to lack of battery.

That sounds terrible. Does the iPhone paired with the watch also show the same amount?

Yes. And as an update, my watch now is dropping down as it normally would, @Cbales, maybe you could try to un-pair, re-pair yours as well to see if it fixes your issue.

Great news. Lowest battery level shown for a long time. It’s been an annoying two or three weeks. Hopefully it stays working. I don’t know what I did to fix it.

I’ll try the in pair and pair thing if it happens again.