Apple Watch battery performance

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Does anyone have any guidance as to how long the batteries in Apple Watches should keep performing well? I just got a notification that I should charge my watch before bed - but it’s only been off charge for about 12.5 hours today and it’s at 26%. Granted, I’ve been active today - though no activity tracked/exercise tracked - just generally active. But I usually expect to get through a day and still have over 50% remaining. Here’s a quick screenshot taken at 9pm this evening, and if I scroll down it tells me “Last charged to 100% at 08:32”.


This is a 44mm Apple Watch series 4, which I got when they were launched (2018?). I was hoping to wait until the next serious refresh before replacing (the 7 has a nice screen but didn’t seem to offer much else for me).

Any assistance as to why my watch ran down so quick gratefully received…


Mike, UK

How’s your battery health? On the watch, Settings > Battery > Battery Health. Mine is 84% for a 44mm series 6, which seems a little low–yours could be below 80%.

Another possibility is something suddenly burning battery. In the past, the culprit has often been a certain complication. It needn’t be one you just added, either.

Hi @cornchip - it’s telling me 81% max capacity, and optimised battery charging is on.

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Is this a one off (your text above suggests so) if so, it may be a bad day, but I’d reboot and see if it’s a blip or a long term trend.

For reference, I rarely get below 40% battery by the end of each day on a Series 6 44mm bought straight away when they were available just over a year ago. My battery health is 93%

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For what it is worth, I have a series 4 and my battery health is showing 84% capacity. I wear it every day and charge it every night.

I retired my Series 2 about two months ago and it would still last about 26 hours, when I didn’t do a workout.

I charge my 1 year old 44mm 6 at around the same time every night. It’s usually at about 30-40%. Less if I did a big workout.

Occasionally I will get a day where it drains really fast, and I just reboot it and that fixes it.

If it’s a regular thing I would start deleting apps, see if you have a bad one. Although, Apple locks down apps so they can’t go too crazy.

I have a series 5 purchased in Dec 2019. Battery life definitely seems lower than before and under Battery health it says 87% maximum capacity. I wear it every day and seems like i have to charge it twice a day.

Are you running the latest OS updates on both watch and phone? I was having horrible battery drain on my series 3 on the latest OS until the last update.

Checking health it shows that it’s at 100%/max capacity now, which is a little surprising for a watch of that age. But it does indeed last all day, even with fitness tracking.

I’m not sure what series my is, I think 3. Anyway, it’s at 84% battery health, I’m charging every evening, track my exercises everyday and when I put it on the charger it’s usually around 35-45% left.

Occasionally I have run out of charge and it has usually been caused by me pausing an exercise and forgetting to turn it on again. But it has happened a few times that I have had a very low charge and no explanation to why, I’ve always assumed it has been caused by a software bug so that some app consumes more power than usual.

Earlier this year I noticed what I thought was abnormal battery drain on my Series 5, so I contacted Apple Support. They reached out and had me install logging profiles in my watch, which I sent their way. Earlier in our communication they mentioned that their engineers had noticed something abnormal related to Health data, and they took more logs from me. Unfortunately, my case died on the vine, they never contacted me again with resolution. Disappointing, to say the least.

Now I’m on watchOS 8 and my watch shows no signs of stabilizing battery-wise, so I’ve resorted to turning off battery-consuming features to help get the watch to last me a day. The ones that have made a difference are related to Siri: Raise to speak, and listen for ‘Hey Siri.’ I also shut down background app refresh completely. Others I’ve seen that may help are the hand washing reminder and listen for loud noises. My watch now performs somewhat like its “heyday,” back in 2019…

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If you have AppleCare especially, consider contacting Apple. I had similar
issues with my watch and they replaced it. the battery health check did not show a problem, but I kept taking screen shots to confirm how quickly the battery was going down.