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**Breath Notifications **

Hi all,

I am trying to get my Apple Watch Breath app notifications to work but I cannot get them to work.

In order to set the notifications I use the Watch App in my paired iPhone and choose Notifications and then Breath. After that I make the selection 6 reminders (I think that this would be an excellent way to keep cool and calm throughout my day).

It does not work. No notifications…

Can anyone give me some helpful advice?
This would be highly appreciated

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I spoke with Apple support regarding this same issue a week ago! They told me that it only sends notifications when you have been sedentary for awhile! The Apple rep told me that because I was so active it wouldn’t send me notifications! It also won’t send notifications if you have events on your calendar! Not the greatest notification system…


Whoa, really? That’s fundamentally broken. I realized a few months ago that it stopped notifying me, so after a few days I decided that I was giving up on the Breathe app. Sometimes I’ll do it if I’m in a position to do so when I get the notification, and maybe once a month I think of it on my own. But…nope.

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Interesting. I get that notification telling me that doing a minute of breathing can relieve stress and I always wonder if it’s because the watch is detecting something about me that leads it to believe I may be stressed.

If It’s related to missing stand goals, I suppose that is more likely to happen on busier days when I’m less likely to leave my desk for a while.