Apple Watch calendar sync fail

My watch intermittently syncs with my phone, but only about half the events are synced. This is consistent across the multiple calendar apps I have tried, which is weird - do they all use the same sync?

The only one that does seem to work is Tiny Calendar, but this app doesn’t have a complication, which is the whole point of having calendar app on my watch.

I took my watch to the Apple store a few weeks ago and they replaced it, but the syncing issues remain.

IPhone X and Apple Watch Series 2.

Any ideas?!

Have you tried resetting the sync data?

I’ve had the problem you describe a couple of times, and resetting the sync data has solved it every time.

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I pressed “resync sync data” on the watch app on my iPhone but it didn’t seem to do anything (So I pressed it a few times) but the issue is still there.

Did you reboot the devices in some particular order or just push that button? I restarted both at the same time after resetting but no difference.

I don’t recall any particular order, but I did restart both the watch and the phone.

I’ve had this happen to me once or twice. What usually worked for me to get it to work normally again is I re-paired the Apple Watch to the iPhone.

I’ve fixed this by repairing. The test I use to se if repairing will work is to turn on and off apps from the Watch app. If they don’t actually disappear/reappear, pairing should make a difference.

Thanks all - it didn’t seem to work, but removing and re-adding The calendar seemed to work.

Probably a combo of the reset and re-addition fixed it :slight_smile: