Apple Watch "Flights Climbed" Insanity

Series 4 running WatchOS 7.5

Has anyone else experienced this? Any recommendations how to resolve? My strong faith in Apple Watch’s ability to monitor my health activity suddenly is taking a dive…

I noticed the other day that my Apple Watch is calculating I’m climbing an obscene number of flights of stairs in a given day. You can see in the second pic (with June 3 dates) it’s measuring me climbing flights while I’m actually sitting in meetings.

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There’s a bit of anecdotal evidence that letting your watch sit with a dead battery for a few hours may help, the theory being it resets the altimeter status in a way that Apple’s calibration steps don’t.

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Interesting read. Thank you for sharing it.

Looking at my ‘flights’ history, it appears the abnormal/incorrect increase in flights occurred this same time last year, then normalized. Roughly between the April-July timeframe – flights are really high.

The high quantities (hundreds) you’re seeing definitely seem to match what others who have this issue report. Hope you can figure it out or it resets itself soon.

Anecdotally, my flights have always been fairly accurate. I don’t do much with the information, though, since exertion from elevation gain works into calories, heart rate, and all that.


I found less goose stepping helps! :wink:


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Assuming you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, wouldn’t this be the time that atmospheric pressure would naturally rise on average? Climbing would normally be associated with a decrease in pressure but perhaps there is some over-correction going on. I have no knowledge of how the AW altimeter and measuring works but when you mention a time of year being the constant, this concept jumps out at me.

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I wouldn’t think so, this has never happened to me. It’s eerie how accurate it at counting flights climbed even.

I would be tempted to contact Apple and say you have a defective watch. Or it’s an excuse to buy a new flat sided watch this fall, assuming the rumors are true.


I’ve never had trouble with it. Always has been insanely accurate – measuring both steps and elevation gain. It needs both to register flights of stairs climbed and never registers (for me) with either just walking on the level or taking an elevator.

IMHO if you get credit for climbing flights while sitting in a meeting then your watch is defecttive.


It’s accurate for me. Anywhere between 6 and 12 flights climbed a day which sounds about right. I’m not saying that what you’re experiencing isn’t true, just that not all users have incorrect totals. (This wasn’t criticising anyone, more putting a different side to the perception I got from early posts that Flight climbed is fundamentally broken)

I’m on AW 6 with the latest software. It may be some specific bug.

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