Apple Watch Honeycomb/List and Dock usage

I‘ve heard a lot of times that people really dislike the honeycomb homescreen design of the Apple Watch. While I agree that some of the app icons are not intuitive and need some rethinking to better distinguish them, I really like the honeycomb design. Not only do I not have problems finding the apps, it‘s muscle memory by now, but I find it a lot easier than the scrolling list (although I haven‘t used it much).

Furthermore, ever since watchOS 4 was released, I practically stopped using the dock. I find tapping the apps in the docks much harder now due to them being kind of stacked on top of each other.

I‘m interested in how you are using your Apple Watch :slight_smile:

  • Honeycomb view
  • List view

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  • I use the dock.
  • I don‘t use the dock.

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Even though I’ve switched to the list view, I don’t recall the last time I accessed it.

The way I launch/access apps on my Apple Watch is mainly through complications, then using Siri (i.e. timer).

From time to time I use the dock, for example to switch from the Pocket Casts native app to the “Now Playing” screen because it’s possible to change the volume with the digital crown in the latter but not the former.


I agree, I mostly use Siri commands for my watch for most tasks (setting timers and responding to messages, reminders, Drafts notes) and keep a few apps on the Dock. I tend to use Dock a lot with a few specific apps instead of keeping them as complications (I like a more streamlined face appearance if I’m not using Siri face): Overcast controls, PCalc, Calendar, and Tile because I’m constantly setting my keys down and losing track of them lol.