Apple watch newbie: morning wake up

Hey all
I’ve had a Series 4 watch for a week. It’s my first dig at one.
I’m wondering if there is an app that will just wake me through haptic feedback only. I don’t want any sound. I’d prefer a specific wake up time, but am also open to a window of time to wake up as well. The Bedtime function in the iPhone clock app does this but you have to have audio as well (as far as I can tell).
Am I missing something here? Just turn the audio down on my phone maybe? (!)
By the way, I do not want (or need) sleep tracking so this would mean apps like “Sleep Cycle” are out.
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

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Hi Simon – I just set an alarm on my watch and always wear the watch in silent mode. I’ve been waking up this way for almost 2 years now, it works like a charm! The haptic strength is quite adequate to rouse me out of sleep, and you can snooze the alarm for an additional 8 minutes of shuteye if you so desire.


I like AutoWake for silent, haptic only wakening.



How I use it is very simple, On the watch set an alarm time via the native app on the watch and then control panel and turn on silent mode so I just get haptic taps to wake up,

Works fine and my partner never hears a beep.

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This is my approach. My watch is always in silent. I set an alarm in the built-in Alarm application and it wakes me up just with taps! My partner does the same. Neither of us need wake the other with alarms if our wake-up times differ! :slight_smile:

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Sooo, when do you folks charge your watches assuming you are wearing them at night? And do you find the watch “wakes up” with its nice bright face while your sleeping?

Thanks all. I figured there was a pretty simple solution. Much obliged.

Trying to figure this out myself and I charge it during first two hours of desk-based work in the morning. Pretty happy with this.

I charge the watch whilst getting ready for bed and getting sorted in the morning. I put the watch into Theatre Mode so that it does not wake up over night, but still can be tapped to see the time - Modular face in red so it is not bright for sleepy eyes.


I can’t answer the Apple Watch wake up because gave up trying to sleep with my watch.

However, it is possible to use the Bedtime feature silently without turning down the volume - you set the alarm sound to “none”. When in the Bedtime section of Alarm, tap Options and you’ll see it.

Terrible UI design.

I charge it for about 15 minutes between waking up and going to the gym, then about 30-45 minutes while I shower and get ready after the gym, then for as long as I feel like in the evening, anywhere from 30 minutes to 2hrs before bed (my rings already well-filled by that point).

It usually gets to 100% at least at one point in any given 24hr period, but sometimes not.

Never had a problem with running out of battery mid-day.

As for having the face illuminate intrusively at night, I have a special sleep face set up. I use the modular face in red, and only two small complications, the rest blank: Pillow and Alarm. If it does illuminate, because so much of the display is black (no complications), and the colour is red, it’s not particularly bright.

If even that is still intrusive, you can additionally enable theatre mode before bed.

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Another vote for AutoWake — I’ve been using it for months and it hasn’t let me down.

I also have a “sleep” watch face in red, with only the AutoWake complication. I use Theatre Mode and Do Not Disturb, both of which I manually set every night. I like the fact that with a tap, I can see what time it is.

Most days I charge it 3x/day:

  • Morning ablutions immediately after wake-up.
  • Midday ablutions immediately after exercise.
  • Evening ablutions, just before bedtime and while reading in bed.

I often travel on business and when I’m on the road I have a slightly different routine: Because I don’t have time to exercise, I take off my watch after dinner and let it charge next to me when doing laptop work. When I notice it’s back at 100% it goes back on my wrist. T

I have a Series 2 watch and the charge seems to last about 1.5-2 days of continuous use. I wore it while flying to Europe in February; charge was 100% when I woke up in the morning in California, and was 40-50% when I arrived in Barcelona 22 hours later, wearing the watch continuously and not charging it. And, because I can’t sleep on planes, I was using the watch normally throughout that time.