Apple Watch note to Outlook: Where to begin?

Hello all,

At the outset, I didn’t know whether I should post this question here, over on the Drafts forum, or at the Automators forum. In figuring that my not knowing probably makes this query “more generalist”(??) — figured I would start here.

I just upgraded my AW s2 (yes, it was still doing what it needed to (mostly!)) to an AW s8. Wow. Quite the difference.

This means that Drafts works on my AW again.

What I want to do:

Quickly dictate a line or two to myself on the AW, and have this appear as an email reminder in Outlook.

Is this Drafts territory — or is there something else to consider? Shortcuts??

I like the Drafts route, since dictation in it was always a pleasure. And, it could then stay there as a further reminder.
I have things set up so that any note dictated on the AW gets a unique tag added to it.
So, presumably, I need to find a way that when that new note is seen in Drafts on my Mac (which is always running when at work)— the magic happens.

Thing is — I’m not a Drafts power-user at all, so unclear on if this could/should be run through Drafts — or if it can be handled by Drafts alone (as opposed to combining it with Shortcuts)?

And then, that’s assuming I need to use Drafts at all — as opposed to simply starting with Siri dictation on the watch, and having something fire from there??

Any guidance would be appreciated!

Looks like if you have Outlook Reminders turned on in the Exchange account settings, Siri can handle that for you.

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