Apple Watch Series 0 Refuses to Pair. Upgrade now or wait?

Do you guys know if there is a high likelihood of us seeing a new Apple Watch and next month?

There was a new watch each year with the new iPhones so I’d say it is almost guaranteed.

I’d say the likelihood is very high.

You might also want to work with Apple support on the pairing issue. Last fall I had a swollen battery in my Series 0 and the replaced it with a Series 1.

Thanks @ChrisUpchurch. I figured it was so far beyond a warranty that i was out of luck. Maybe will give that a go. Thanks, man!

Because the battery thing was a known issue with some Series 0 watches, they were willing to replace out of warranty. No harm in seeing if they’ll do the same thing for your pairing issue.

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There’s a chance that any infrastructure - though probably not the charging cable or bands - you have for Series 0 won’t be compatible with Series 4. We know this is not true of Series 3.

When Series 4 is announced you might or might not go for it; I hope Series 3 watches are still purchasable then.

(I’m an owner of a Series 3 and it’s so much better than Series 0.)