Apple Watch Series 0 Replacement Batteries

I’m sure I’ve heard on a Relay Podcast, MPU or another great show, that Apple have a battery replacement program for Apple Watch…

Can anyone corroborate this?

My watch is still good for 12-14hrs most days but I do have to manage it (enabling Airplane mode) on long days or when I’m travelling.

The battery on my Series 0 failed last fall (it swelled up and popped the display loose). Apple replaced it with a Series 1 for free.

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It’s not damaged. Just not as long life as it used to be

I use a Thanos Tech battery/charger to give my watch a boost during the day - when the battery is really low it can struggle to charge the watch unless it is itself plugged in to micro USB, but it’s allowed me to start using SleepWach to monitor my sleep, and still use my watch throughout the day. There are a few different similar battery/charger options out there now - this was a KickStarter product for me - which naturally blew past its original shipping date.

@ChrisUpchurch - Was your Series 0 replaced under AppleCare warranty?

I believe it was out of AppleCare at the time this happened. It was some sort of battery replacement program for the Series 0.

For those following this S0 thread, I discovered this Reddit thread along the same topic: