Apple Watch Snooze problems

SNOOZE WORKING? Is anyone else having difficulty with snoozing alarms on WatchOS 10? Since upgrading my Series 6 to Watch OS 10, I will feel my alarm buzz in the morning, hit snooze, and then 9 minutes later not get a vibration and see the “Good Morning!” card on my watch. I’ve tried restarting the phone and the watch together, but that hasn’t changed this behavior. Just trying to figure out if this is a bug before I go the route of totally wiping and rebuilding the watch from scratch. Google showed a some reported instances of this on previous versions of WatchOS, but I thought I’d check here before going down the road of the most radical solutions. Thanks all. Appreciate the help!

AW 6 here on WatchOS10 and it’s working the same as it did before the upgrade for me.

So I reset the watch from factory settings and tried again. That didn’t seem to fix the problem. Then I tried having Dark Noise shut off an hour before I was to get up and that seems to fix the issue. Maybe having some audio activity interfered with operation of the snooze function. I’ll give it a few more days to see if that totally resolves the issue. Thanks!