Apple Watch 'Stand Minutes' shows no data

Hi. I noticed that in the Activity app on iOS13 there is a new Stand minutes trend. It says I need to wear my watch for 6 months (which I have) and the trend will calculate. So I went digging inside the Health app and ‘Stand Minutes’ shows no data (to clarify, I am seeing ‘Stand Hours’ which is represented by closing my blue ring). Is anyone else having this issue?

Has your Watch updated to WatchOS 6?

Like you, I see the Stand Minutes trend in Activity appearing under the “Needs more data” section (presumably because this only started getting tracked in iOS 13 so definitely not enough days of data). I upgraded to iOS 13 on Thursday when it came out but did not update my Watch until the next day. I don’t see Stand Mins recorded for Thursday but I do see them for Friday and beyond, after I updated my Watch to WatchOS6.

Ah that would explain it. I haven’t updated yet due to another issue I’m having; when I check for updates it says my watch is already up to date. I’m hoping 13.1 helps with this.

Which Series (generation) Watch do you have? Updates to WatchOS 6 are not yet available for Series 1 & 2. Apple’s page says “later this fall.”

According to a MacStories article by Alex Guyot the Stand Minutes metric is new in watchOS 6. There isn’t any previous data for the Activity Trends to draw from.

The Stand Minutes metric is being calculated automatically whenever I wear my Apple Watch, but since this is a new metric in watchOS 6 there isn’t any historical data for it. According to the app, Activity Trends won’t start recommending goals for Stand Minutes until I have accumulated six months of regular data for that metric. This seems to be a common requirement for all of these calculations, but the feature is able to use historical data which was tracked in iOS 12 and watchOS 5 for existing metrics.

Ah, I didn’t realise it wasn’t available yet. I have a series 2 which I saw was compatible but I didn’t realise it was a staged release. Thanks.