Apple Watch Travel Apps

I have a trip coming up and I’m making an Apple Watch face with the travel apps I will need while flying. I don’t fly often (2-3x/year), but when I do I appreciate using the watch to check gate connections and check in while boarding.

I’m flying United, so I put their complication in the big center spot of the watch face (on the standard modular face). In the smaller modular spots I have AppInTheAir (not a pro subscriber, I thought I would try it), Local time @ my destination, and the Starbucks app because I tend to get Starbucks while traveling.

I wanted to put the Wallet complication on there for checking in, but there is no wallet complication! Is there anything else I can do to prep before my flight? Will the Siri watch face give the the wallet chip when it’s travel day? I would like minimal fiddling on my travel days so I’m trying to get everything situated now.

I also have TripIt installed on the watch, but they don’t have a complication either, so I’m not sure how much I will be using that app.

Any other ideas or great apps I’m missing? Thanks!

Once you’ve added your boarding pass to the Apple Wallet it will appear in the Notification Center once you get to the airport or close enough time wise to your flight automatically - and it will be on the lock screen of your iPhone, no work required!

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Thanks @RosemaryOrchard! I wish I could test it out beforehand! I can’t check into my flight until 24hours before the fight, so I guess I’ll wait and see. I had some trouble the last time I was checking in and I needed to dig through my bags to pull out my phone. The watch was just spinning and wouldn’t load the boarding pass. I’m trying to avoid that this time!

Look if your airline provides an app for apple watch. I often fly with Lufthansa and they have an app for apple watch. TripIt and Uber also have an apple watch app. Bon voyage!