Apple watch travel charger?

I’m shopping for a apple watch travel charger because I’m going to be living in the redwoods for a week in a cabin with no electricity. I’ll be able to recharge in common buildings during the day but I think it would be good to have the ability to charge without power.

Anybody have a favorite charger? Or least favorite?


I would think that any powerbank would be sufficient for this. I always take 2 or 3 along when I’m on the road, and recharge those every time I get a chance.

Or is your question more specific?

I have a charger from FlagPower which has a watch charger built into it. It’s pretty handy for travel - I’ve not tested it for a whole week but I suspect it would work fine!

There are lots of similar devices and it means one less cable to carry - plus this one (and many others), have USB ports on to let you charge other devices.

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I’ve fond of this travel charger and case. Compact, keeps cables neat, and has room to carry extra bands.

I use this both at home and when traveling. It has a built in charger.

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I can’t find it on the Apple website now, but the Apple stores near me carry a PowerBank with a built-in watch charger. I believe it is less than $100 (US) and offers multiple charges for many devices. A friend bought a similar item that is much smaller and fits on a keychain from Amazon. It only charges the watch.

This is the one I use, and it works great!

I’ve always like Elevation Lab’s products.

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If that had 2 USB A ports pushing 2.1A I’d probably get it.

You can charge two devices at once with that thing. I’m not sure how much more you are wanting to charge at a time with a power brick?

  • Two iPhones + one watch
  • One iPhone + one iPad + one watch

Edit: To be clear, I don’t need to charge the watch all the time. But there are times when I’m out with my spouse and both our phones need a boost. I’d rather not have to carry two bricks just so I can cover anything while away from home.

Happen to go to Tassajara?

Apple watch doesnt need much power. A portable battery and a short 12" Apple watch cable should be ample.

There is no cellphone reception so put your iPhone in airplane mode to save a considerable ammount of energy consumption so the phone can last a long time if you don’t want to turn it off.

This is what I’ve been using for a while:

It’s versatile; you can use it like the original Apple charger (plugged to a USB power source) or standalone (via built-in battery). It’s also small and portable.

I’m looking for something to charge my watch on trips. I have an Anker charger that can charge 6 USB devices at a time, and I take this with a bunch of cables. For my watch, I take my 6’ original cable and plug it into this charger. I would like a smallest possible cable or USB plug in watch charger, so that I can leave the 6’ cable plugged in at home. A built in battery would be useful but not essential. I do not want anything that requires the original power cable.
There are plenty short cables and little chargers on Amazon, but they all seem to have bifurcated reviews - some glowing, some saying it didn’t work at all, or worked once and never again, or worked very slowly taking hours to charge a watch, or the watch got warm. Any suggestions?

I’ve used this PowerAdd charger (MFi certified) for about 2 years, and it’s excellent. Even comes in a little pouch.

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