Apple Watch ultra action button for voice memo toggle

Hi there. Am I going mad or is there no way to program the ultras action button to start and stop a voice memo recording? Without having to press a record button on screen? Tried shortcuts but no luck!?? Thanks

Help, anyone?

I bought this watch solely for this purpose… well not solely, but still.

Maybe using shortcuts

Tried that but no luck - always requires a few more presses on screen - not ideal when trying to ride your bike!!

As far as I can tell, shortcuts are the only way to do something like this with the action button, but as you mentioned it does require a few extra taps. One of the reasons (amongst a few others) that I ended up returning the Ultra even though I was pretty impressed with the display + battery life.

Yes, I returned my Ultra 2 because this was the main feature I was looking for. The newest iPhone has this functionality with their action button but for some reason the same is not possible with the Ultra watches. If anyone sees this become available please let me know!

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I went another route (because I also get ideas when I’m riding my bike)

“Hey Siri, take a note. Blah blah blah…”

These are captured to a single Note. Keyboard Maestro monitors that and surfaces the Note on my Mac if the content has changed. It’s pretty groovy, and no button needed.